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Saurastra, an integral part of Gujarat, is very famous for its culture and warm welcoming tradition. The year 1918 marked beginning of a new era in sweet making in Savarkundla. Shri Vanmalidas Devchand (our forefather) started a milk and penda shop and soon it became famous as Das Pendawala.

In the year 1974 we also started a shop in Bhavnagar. Today Das Pendawala is a private limited company having one shop in Savarkundla, five shop in Bhavnagar, two in Ahmedabad, two in Vadodara, two in Surat and still counting.

The secret of our success is the consistency of our good quality which is due to recipes handed down to us by our forefather and modified by us to include mechanization and automization to increase output.

Another important attribute to our cositstent good quality is richness and qulity of raw materials and ingredients used in our products. Milk, being the primary and basic raw material for almost all and any sweet item, is collected at our private collection centers situated in nearby villages where in bulk milk coolers/chilling plants are installed. We also have our private in-house laboratory wherein our dairy technologist examines and tests the milk for purity.

Similarly, our world famous Bhavnagari Ganthiya are popular because of their superior quality. Quality which is maintained by the use of best quality raw materials like Besan(gram flour) pure groundnut oil, spices like black papper and asafetida. Even today our Ganthiya are hand-made using a secret formula which have made them unparalleled.

The current young generation of our family is involved in the family business and its growth( by in culcating new idea and technologies). This is a natural outcome of having highly qualified family members having degrees like Mech. Engineer, C.A., M.B.A., M.C.A., L.L.B. etc.

Das Aatithya, a dining restaurant in Bhavnagar is run by our family where we serve hygienic, wholesome, delicious Gujrati Thali. Quality, purity and hygiene have always been our motto.